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After my horrible accident, miraculous recovery and continuing rehabilitation a lot of things have become clearer to me.  Many things have been shown to me in a positive light but there have been a few ugly traits that have been rearing their terrible faces, exposing me to the less than desirable truths of many personalities, including my own. 

 Accepting my Traumatic Brain Injury was only the beginning of my rehabilitation.  This is becoming clearer to me than I ever thought possible because I had clearly chosen to ignore my deficits.  This has been a product of my pride.  I no longer want to hold on to this pride because the more I cling to the prideful lie about not needing help or these CRP (Community Reintegration Program) classes, the more I lose towards recovery.

In class, they seem to heavily imply that I am not entirely over recovery and that’s something I’ve heard many times before.  But the more I hear it, the more I believe it.  And believing it is exactly what my heart needs- to know that I have hope and I’m not entirely lost.  Because after being humbled once more and accepting my disabled state, feeling lost is incredibly simple.