Why this blog exists:

I am a determined young freelance writer.  Currently, I am in the job seeking business and I manage a writing group called “Writing Recklessly.”

I am not bitter about the past, though the outcomes have been far-less than ideal.  I only see it as a lesson God wanted me to endure so I could grow more into the person He has called me to be.

This person isn’t a version of the common “Christian” that everyone else envisions.  My faith is my own.  My faith is between God and I.  I am a woman quietly struggling and battling with the title of Christian.  However, I will not be defeated, like other promising individuals I have come across.  This entire blog revolves around just that, my journey towards God, my journey towards truth.  Hopefully you can glean something from it along the way for your own benefit, and God’s ultimate glory.

I write to unleash and to heal.  I also write to remind myself.


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