I am not an imitator of God-

We are not called to be imitators of God; we are called to be imitators of Christ.  

In light of this, we have to see things how unbelievers see things for a change, because YES.  The well-informed Christian understands and believes that God and Jesus Christ are one in the same, yet hold on to distinctly different character traits.  God, The Son; Jesus.  God; The Father.  And God in spirit form; The Holy Ghost. True, they are one in the same but God the  Father reflects more of a judgmental perception to a lot of atheists and unbelievers.   Christians themselves are not completely immune to this concept. 


That may or may not be a character flaw in people because we are all created differently.

There is so much to unpack on this topic and I really need to be mindful of where I am coming from because a lot of people are not on the sane wavelength as I am.  And that is neither a good or bad thing.  It simply serves as a reminder that we all are different and uniquely created.

But my point still stands.  We are not called to be imitators of God, so that we shelter ourselves from any and all things that are not holy, we do not recquire an Arc Of the Covenant like God asked for, separating the Holy from the unholy.  No.  We are recquired to be like Jesus and to dine with sinners!  That doesn’t mean Christians can just forfeit their faith and act as sinners act, but it does NOT mean that Jesus believed in separating Christianity completely from secular audiences.  He welcomed them to get to know Him.  As should we instead of just hiding or turning up our noses to sinners, thinking “They’re too lost to be saved.”  With Christ, that right there is an impossible notion.

I am not an imitator of a judgmental God, per say

But I am an imitator Christ.


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