Independence FINALLY

So who would have guessed you could have so much fun busing around the city?  I for one had no idea!  Even though I’ve always felt a strong pull towards being associated with the inner city, I can’t say I’ve ever had the opportunity to “rummage” around the city, taking random bus routes and depending on my own direction skills.  I must say, if anything it was VERY validating for me.

No one has me under their thumb… for just about the first time in my life!  This freedom suits me, I must say…  I can see why my freedom scares people, namely my family, but people are always unnecessarily afraid of anything different or out of their control…  but just knowing FINALLY that my life is ALL MINE I’m finally prepared to take charge and live my life the way it is supposed to be lived!!!

Today, I took a bus to No. St. Paul to visit the Workforce Station and to meet with my Job Counselor.  From there, I took a bus into the heart of St. Paul and I just bummed around the entire day.


Life is pleasant.

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This is my life story. Don't expect for me to entirely spill the beans on everything, but my life is certainly a sloppy recipe of writing, research, realizations and love. Basically, I'm learning as I go. I strive to positively impact my community, my sphere of influence. I believe that this happens only through living your life to the fullest! View all posts by hannahjustine

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