So excited for the future!!!

Lately, I’ve been drenched in confusion and desperation- searching for employment in all of the wrong fronts.  (stupid  I feel as if I stumbled upon gold as I think back to my past dreams!  Indeed, it has clearly become time to reinvent them!  I won’t waste any time in establishing my career!  I’d love to yak about it in full detail, but then I would put myself underneath a deadline and consequently, pressure.  So I won’t! 

Just keep checking in with me:)

Last night I had a great bonding experience with Lara and my Dad and my Grandma Mary.  We baked cookies and had a glass of wine.  Also, I challenged my Grandma to a match in Scrabble.  My letters were absolutely miserable until my Dad popped into the game and helped me assemble the word “GAUZE” over a TRIPLE WORD SCORE.  lol  Needless to say, I won the game then.  Thanks Dad!

This week will be amazing, no doubt. 
Updates to come!!!

Still scoping out work options and signing off,


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