Faithful Reflections:

I’ve managed to distance a lot of people in my lifetime but I can’t help but consider that it isn’t entirely my fault.  I can’t help but to think of people’s absence in my life as a form of God saving me from a personal hell.

Also, God has positioned many positive Christian influences in my life and I have taken notice.  God is moving in my life…  At times, I don’t feel it, but He’s planning something… I need to get into His word more consciously.  Those with faith will be rewarded and that is what Jesus tells us to look for.  Not to look for simple solutions and facts, but to embrace mysterious faith!

I’ve chosen to trust my God, my Lord and Savior.  I’ve learned through plenty of my mistakes that a person needs to always turn the negatives upside down and sometimes those negatives are truly in your life to ultimately bring about positive scenarios.  I digress.


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This is my life story. Don't expect for me to entirely spill the beans on everything, but my life is certainly a sloppy recipe of writing, research, realizations and love. Basically, I'm learning as I go. I strive to positively impact my community, my sphere of influence. I believe that this happens only through living your life to the fullest! View all posts by hannahjustine

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