An ideological disaster:

I am having so many thoughts wrestling with my wishes and my realities.  The Christian faith, although I ascribe to it, is filled with massive amounts of regrets mixed with ideologies which only results in feeling more regrets due to our human condition.  The promises of Jesus are something I am very firm to hold on to and believe.  This past year, my mind has been utterly foolish and I’m still warring with the emotional consequences of that semester of my life but I do hold tightly to God’s fulfilling promises!

I believe that THAT is what identifies true Christianity.  It is not ideologies, but truth!  Someone I used to know always picked ideologies over truths although they would hold steadfast to the thought that all they were concerned with was the truth.  They only discovered their own versions of ideologies masked as truths.  

I’m saying that if that brings contentment and happiness then possibly ideologies are more truth than truths… but not for me.


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