TRUE Christianity ISN’T hypocritical:

People have been programmed to automatically consider Christianity as a hypocritical fallacy.  This is fundamentally inaccurate because of one sound point.

1) Christianity IS NOT meant to point to church followers, but to Christ himself!

Christians should not look to their community or any other humans for support/ advice, they should look up!  Christ is the center of the Christian religion.  All too often this is forgotten or simply shoved under the rug.  True, humans are more susceptible to engage with things or people that they can actually see and touch.  Not just some unreachable God in the sky or Lord metaphorically in our hearts.  So it is all too easy to replace the view and hope of what Christianity should be with what we see around us, what Christianity is.  And what do we see around us?  Apathetic congregations.  People need to see Christianity for what it stands for– BELIEF IN CHRIST AS MESSIAH.  It isn’t about whether or not other followers of Christ are acting in a hypocritical light, all that matters is your personal actions.

I’ve come to realize that some Christians do genuinely care for others. The human condition restrains us a lot of time from fully offering the help and hope that Christians are expected to have. This feeds the hypocritical fallacy that most people label the Christian faith as.


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