What does this mean?

I feel like my life is based on how other people perceive it- and what the hell?  That isn’t who I am deep down.  I am a writer.  I need to practice my craft more.  I don’t mind if my family becomes seriously concerned because there is really no reason for their concern.  I’m being myself.  I need to finally take this step on my own.  I cannot abide by guidance any longer.  To you, that may seem foolish- but your approval is not important to me.

I am a young person.  I know where people are trying to push me but it doesn’t feel right.  Finding what is right seems to be a very arduous process.  Happiness means sacrificing.  Really not sure what that fully means yet.  I need to process everything in my mind.  There is so much about life that is not set out in a step-by-step instruction.  Looking at everything from a different vantage point all together opens up new possibilities.  New regrets.


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This is my life story. Don't expect for me to entirely spill the beans on everything, but my life is certainly a sloppy recipe of writing, research, realizations and love. Basically, I'm learning as I go. I strive to positively impact my community, my sphere of influence. I believe that this happens only through living your life to the fullest! View all posts by hannahjustine

2 responses to “What does this mean?

  • Jess Mansour Scherman

    “Happiness means sacrifice”

    I sometimes think of this like shedding pounds…it feels good holding onto them, gaining them–surrounding yourself with approval of your lifestyle & life choices.

    But once you shed the pounds…the need for approval from friends and family, there’s a freedom you haven’t experienced before.

    And more often than not, it doesn’t become a separation, just an independence. And I don’t know many families & friends who don’t, someday, grow to respect that.

    I commend you for stepping out on your own and feeling your way through life with your own hands. It’s the best thing I ever did for myself.

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