Jesus IS enough for US.

I haven’t felt right with God for a long while.  I don’t want to blame anyone but myself because MY problems shouldn’ be anyone else’s burden.  Jesus Christ patiently waited for me as I went through Hell, putting my faith in ANYTHING besides Him, but nothing would satisfy me, nothing like Jesus.  I am kind of somber in this realization wondering why on Earth I need so many reminders, but Jesus IS my only truth!  Without Him, I am just a terrible liar and sinner.  But being with Him, He is my truth and my righteousness.

Attending church with my friend Kansas was exciting and I felt an overwhelming peace that reminded me of another peace I had known, only this one felt stronger and more stable. 

The message really spoke to me about God’s timing.  A metaphor one of the pastors gave was kind of silly but very pertinent.  He bought a jogging stroller so he could go jogging with his two year old son tagging along.  Well, about 10 minutes into it he felt like he was going to die and couldn’t believe the weight of the stroller.  Little did he know that his son had been placing his foot on the front wheel to act like a break.  This was to illustrate God stepping into a situation when it’s not going as planned.  It showed me that God could be putting the breaks on me right now in this time of my life.  This then led into my longtime wrestling match with God over trust.

I have struggled with trusting God my entire life and I have scars to prove it.

Do not be deceived in assuming Satan’s lies that you alone are strong enough to deal with anything.  Everyone must fully depend on our King Jesus.  I pray fervently that Christ opens your heart along with your mind.  I pray that His love pours in through the cracks of your heart and weighs down the walls that Satan has cleverly established.

Jesus is our savior.  He is our protector.  He is our provider.  He is enough!


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