My Heart is Dead-bolted:

Apparently, my teeth are fine, I’m only experiencing pain from my previous dentist’s filling.  The process he had used was older and included the use of Mercury.  Why they allow a poisonous substance to be used in bonding your fillings to the crowns of your teeth, especially with it being in your mouth, is beyond me!  Anyway, I got this great new electric toothbrush that’s main cause is to combat against gum recession and my mouth couldn’t feel happier or cleaner!

Last night, Izai cooked me an authentic Spanish dish of grilled chicken in cilantro and rice.  I was extremely impressed.  Then, on a whim, we decided to go out to quench our coffee-holic selves with Starbucks but we didn’t choose to stay in Starbucks.  Instead, we went back to my place and watched Big Fish.

That movie makes me so awkwardly happy.  So does spending the evening with a friend and enjoying his native cuisine.

I say all of this, but refer back to the title of my post.  Its not even a question.

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