It wasn’t until I moved into my own apartment, that I began to fully understand that trusting God with the little things is equally important as trusting God with the gigantic problems of our world such as the area of world hunger.   Trusting God is a very difficult, trying task for me.  It’s also an entirely new ordeal because, truth is, I’ve never thought about it in depth before.  Well, here goes:

Throughout my early years, I’ve always deemed placing my trust in God as my first-nature, as opposed to being my second-nature.  Because from a young age, it has been instilled in my spirit to love God with all of my heart, soul, mind and strength.  The first commandment of all the ten commandments was something I immediately lived and believed.

Jesus calls us to have faith like a child, but that doesn’t necessarily call us towards childish faith- in the slightest.  There is a reason why Proverbs and Ecclesiastes are crucial texts behind the wisdom literature of the bible.  God certainly calls us to be wise.  But He is also looking for us to place our trust FULLY in His care.

The trouble with trusting is a selfish business.  Our Father knows our deepest concerns and our struggles.  He is fully aware of everything we need to get us through this life.  Most of the time though, my expectations FAR exceed what I know I need. In the past, this rarely left me as a happy camper- because I wasn’t willing to TRUST.

You may be thinking, “duh”… but I didn’t realize this until I moved into my own apartment.  A full twenty-three years is what it has taken this soul to comprehend childlike faith but that doesn’t depress me, it excites me to fully put my rust in God’s hands.  Do you know how many fears He wipes out?  How many uncertainties?

It’s like a waterfall quenching my soul!


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