(W)reckless (2/3-18/2012)

The grand dimensions of human existence
hardly hold weight in comparison to my tortured misconceptions
A spirit of susceptibility
turns rusty, mechanical grinds in
my grotesque mind
destroying cobwebs which illustrate absence
determining rebirth and right thinking-
but where do I shine this newly polished machinery
when coincidence results in consequence
and has begun to resemble a wrecking ball?
Love does not play around with destruction and
being out of my life promotes existence
primarily in the trash receptical

With that, I concur:
I will not thrive on indifference between my wrecking ball and my reckless pride.
Pride is the paramount sin defining Lucifer’s fall, not something to admire or long for- at all.


About hannahjustine

This is my life story. Don't expect for me to entirely spill the beans on everything, but my life is certainly a sloppy recipe of writing, research, realizations and love. Basically, I'm learning as I go. I strive to positively impact my community, my sphere of influence. I believe that this happens only through living your life to the fullest! View all posts by hannahjustine

One response to “(W)reckless (2/3-18/2012)

  • Uncle Tree

    Very interesting view, Hannah. The horned angel fell, alright.
    But he did cause God to change His Plan. Didn’t he?
    Or was he but the first Judas? Hung from the start?

    Stay loyal to your deamon,
    and your writing. You’ll do well!
    I believe, Uncle Tree 🙂

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