When Beauty Hurts

My friend, Kaylee’s killer blog:) This article really makes you think…


I was born into a beauty contest I didn’t sign up for. And for as long as I can remember, it’s consumed me.

Every girl can relate. We’ve all been sucked in. We play by tabloid guidelines we always lose to. Buy into Hollywood hoaxes. We know who wears the crown, who doesn’t, that what they say shouldn’t, matters. Of course it’s temporal, it’s shallow, but we take that plunge and smack against the bottom anyway. Repeat, repeat, like we’re addicted to what can only hurt us.We know. Masochistic. Crazy. Backwards.’Beauty’ is in need of reform, but who will risk being ugly to change it?   A celebrity’s weight-loss gets more attention than her divorce; Miss Congeniality is so much more about what you aren’t than what you are.

A thought hit me yesterday and it made me feel sick, a kind of sick that broods in the back of…

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