doctors… :P

My neuropsychologist physician, Tom facebook messaged me today!  In my status, I wrote “Prayer changes things!”  His response is quite common and I’ll admit, something that I also struggled with for a short time.  The question was something every person ponders over if they ever truly attempt to get close to G-d.  Tom’s question is as follows:

“Saw your status posting tonight that you are confident prayer changes things. So through prayer we “change God’s mind”? I’ve never understood this…”

and this was my response:

Hi Tom! Thank you for asking me this, I’d love to help with understanding, because I’ll confess, even I don’t know ALL the answers;) But I will give you my understanding and my belief on it, I hope to help you feel more like you have a grasp on this idea.

What you’re ultimately asking is a question pertaining to God’s will. No, prayer cannot change God’s mind- that’s the short answer. 🙂
Long answer-

Prayer cannot change anything that God has predetermined. Knowing this, it is also crucial to understand that God is sovereign over EVERYTHING.

Prayer does, however, change our vision, ultimately for God’s glory and our own well-being.  Yes, prayer changes THINGS, but prayer doesn’t change God.  Rather prayer changes our perspective and moulds us even more like that of Jesus Christ, the perfect sacrifice.

Yes, I’ll say it again.  God is sovereign over EVERYTHING.  God was sovereign over my accident, over your help in my recovery AS WELL AS in every despairing death in the hospital. The truth that we as Christians must cling to is that God’s plans are not our plans. When we see something as being potentially negative and/ or life threatening, God will always act according to His will. He doesn’t wait to see if we’ve prayed extra-hard or more than necessary.

And praying with the intentions of changing God’s heart will always cease to result in whatever was asked for. The problem with prayer is that we can’t pray for ourselves and for some reason, our culture is completely ignorant to that notion. We don’t pray for ourselves, we pray for God. We pray for God to unleash the Holy Spirit in our lives so we are capable of doing His will. And His will is always for our benefit.

I hope I explained my beliefs accurately and I pray that they help you to understand this more. If you have any other questions, please, don’t refrain from asking me. I absolutely love theological discussions!

So that was the highlight of my night:)
Tomorrow is promising.

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