Moving out:

I’ve been dead to the world wide web for about three days now… tsk tsk my computer screen died, well really, only the backlight went out but it is seemingly impossible to use because everything on my screen is pitch black, with using a flashlight, there is a small possibility of squinting and straining your eyes to make out boxes but it is still impossible to read anything!

On top of that, the bomb shell has been dropped on me also that I have been asked to move out of the house I am living in currently.  This just astonishes me and blows my mind out beyond the waves of sanity  because I gave up so much for what I believed in, and now I’m being forced to give up more!  Apparently, Sara, my roommate and primary lease holder, claims that I won’t “flourish” with their help.  I’m pretty sure that they’re just sick of my personality… but they’re damn right I’ll flourish on my own terms!  I only resent the rejection by them.  I think that living on my own will be an amazing adventure!

And I know G-d has the very best situation in mind for me, and I know that He is sovereign over everything, therefore I refuse to vent over this decision because this living scenario was questionable from the get-go.  I hated the controlling nature that Sara portrayed over me with my boyfriend-at-the-time.  She enforced the restraining order that I first set in place over him because we were arguing and he threatened to kill me.  Now, he has filed an r. o. against me, so there is no running back.

I fully believe that G-d has the best plan for me as long as I’m residing in His will.  So I will wait.


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