I have a plan, love:

I want to start a bible study with you…  I know you hold hostility towards Paul’s writings so  I am going to begin reading Hebrews because I know that Hebrews was the book you were most interested in studying with Gabe when you were at Northwestern.  I would like you, love, to read through it with me!  I will gladly record the passages we study in each entry.  

 I can’t wait to do this with you face to face!  To grow spiritually with you, pracicing endurance… that seems perfect.  I pray that you are also reading this.  I trust that you will also follow the reading along with me.  This makes me smile.  I hope you’re also smiling love!

I will start within the next day or two.  Please read with me, Hebrews chapter 1!

We should have been doing this all along:)


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